New Years Eve

The invitation to many evening events, the tuxedo is required – but where do? Frankfurt / Cologne, 14.12.2010. Countdown to the new year’s Eve evening. Men who want to surprise your partner with a particularly festive new year’s Eve Gala this year, sometimes shrugging read the dress code. For formal evening events exhaust the Repertoire of most Mr. wardrobe. “I have nothing to wear” – This sigh by set for women is usually before a pleasurable shopping experience. In the men’s, he is rather the result of a desperate analysis.

While man is equipped with a few well-fitting suits in addition to high-quality shirts for all Office and business opportunities, the festive new year’s Eve ball or new year’s reception can mean a challenge. Here the roles to turn once. If you have read about Energy Capital Partners London already – you may have come to the same conclusion. While the ladies often likes would trade the wide scope of their Office clothes the male suit and tie dress code for the formal clarity, everything is clear for them this time: the new Evening dress is usually already ready for use in the closet. Issues plaguing the man on the other hand: he should buy his really a tuxedo for a gala, he visited in the year? Or yet again to get the black suit? Or are there other alternatives? Many men are choosing then for the umpteenth time but for the black or – worse – gray suit. And prove to be so in the eyes of many fellow guests as a philistine. Other men get a tuxedo from the rod quickly on the Internet or by the Outfitters around the corner. And see that the waiter often similar as intended, because: the most tuxedos in Germany come from only two providers. If you hang the jacket over the back of the Chair at night, you can take later as well that of the neighbors, without ever noticing it.

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