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Choose a mortgage bank loans have become an integral part of our life is good or bad to say difficult, each has its own view on this statement, but sometimes life dictates its own rules, and here to help us comes a mortgage loan. With the help of a mortgage loan can not only buy an apartment, but to improve their living conditions. There are also mortgages and to purchase new buildings, there are mortgages and to buy country house. At the moment, mortgage loan granted by such banks kakDeltCredit Bank is Russia's first specialized mortgage bank commercial. The bank is one of the top three mortgage lending among Russian financial kompaniy.VTB 24 – one of the largest banks controlled by state-owned bank OAO Vneshtorgbank. Sberbank of Russia – the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe, the leading bank in Russia. Click Zendesk to learn more. Founder and principal shareholder of the Bank – Central Bank of Russian Federation (Bank of Russia).

Rosbank-Stock Commercial Bank 'Rosbank' – a multi-private financial institution, one of the leaders of the Russian banking sistemy.BSGV – universal bank that offers its clients, both corporate and private, a wide range of banking products and services. The Bank is a 100% subsidiary of Societe Generale group, * among the 20 largest Rossii.RosEvroBank banks – commercial bank, is among the 50 largest banks in Russia. In this list we have for you include only those banks that provide mortgages to the most favorable terms for its borrowers. In each of these banks have several mortgage programs designed for different occasions. For example, programs designed to buy an apartment on the secondary market are not suitable for shopping new buildings, and the program designed to improve housing issues may not be advantageous for a simple purchase of an apartment.

Subtleties in the selection of mortgage programs very much, so it is difficult to determine what mortgage program selected. Here are a few examples, not always the case, so that the mortgage program with a minimum annual interest rate will be most beneficial. As a rule, our experts in choosing mortgage program evaluated a range of factors such as the annual percentage rate on the loan, the costs of obtaining credit approval, the costs of obtaining the loan itself at the time of the transaction, the ability to early redemption (dates, fines, commissions). Possibility in the future registration of minors. The possibility of future rental to. Such factors that may influence the choice of mortgage programs, you see a huge amount. So if there is the need to choose the mortgage program, the more factors will be considered when selecting the better will credit

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