Metric Rhythm

Paralelismo that most is called of gradual parallelism, in which the second line complements the first one, offering to both a complete thought. Where it wants that let us find parallelism synthetic, the second line must continue the same idea of the first one, expanding it. (Tehilim/Salmos 1:1) 1 Therefore will be as the tree planted next to ribeiros of waters, 2 which of the o its fruit in its time; 3 its leves will not fall, 4 and everything how much to make will prosper. (Tehilim/Salmos 1:3) inverse 6.5.Paralelismo = this is a parallelism form where the phrases are arranged quiasticamente.

climatic 6.6.Paralelismo/Escalvel: climatic parallelism, or escalvel, is a source of synthetic parallelism, also incorporating the idea of synonymous parallelism. In it, the second phrase repeats a concept of the first one, however with an extension of its direction, giving it a species of climax. 1 Therefore here it is that your enemies, YHWH, 1+ here it is that your enemies will perish; 2 will be dispersed all the ones that practise the iniquity. (Tehilim/Salmos 92:9) 1 the rivers raises, YHWH, 1+> (Tehilim/Salmos 93:3) Tributai the YHWH, children of the powerful ones, You tax the YHWH glory and force. (Tehilim/Salmos 29:1) 6.7.Quiasmo: Thus called for its structural similarity with the letter qui the Greek, and also known as inverse parallelism, is about a poetical structure where parallelism appears espelhado (for example: 1,2,3,4,3,2,1). Normally, quiasmo is only one structure of construction of the phrases, which can become related for parallelism synonymous, antithetic, or synthetic.


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