THAT type of sale can I perform with 2checkout? 2Checkout allows you to process payments for the sale of: tangible products (physical), intangible (digital) products, services and others, for more information visit. that includes the service of 2checkout? The 2checkout service you can start processing payments in less than 1 hour, also offers you shopping cart system, also can customize your page sales as for example you can place your company logo if you had or the logo of your website, also there is an option for that your sales page is in Spanish. -What features does? Don’t need to sign any contract ease of use through a control panel private you can work with the shopping cart that offers technical support by e-mail without any charge shopping cart system is free no limit diversity of products that you can sell free use of secure server system generates a code for each product or service than ofrescas comprehensive control panel so that you can manage the accounts and more. do credit cards accept 2checkout? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB and cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo debit. As this is a contract of service with 2checkout? By activating the service 2checkout you charged for only you can see. and $0.45 per each transaction. 5.5% of the amount of each transaction. No monthly fee, do not have to pay monthly.

Any charge for the use of the secure server any charge by the aplicaciuones extras that are offers you. You offer 30 days warranty, if you’re not as make you your money back. how pay me 2checkout for sales that you make? For U.S. payment deposited directly to any Bank for the rest of countries payment is by mailing checks in dollars to name that you registered at 2checkout and also by international bank transfer at low cost. Checkout makes payments every 15 days. as does the 2checkout commissions? I’ll give an example: suppose that a client of yours decides to buy a $200 product, 2checkout processes the transaction, then it happens to send a confirmation email to the seller (tu) and the purchaser (customer) and is deducted $11(5.5%) + $0.45 of Commission and deposited the $188.

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