Massachusetts Institute

Some engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have successfully created a sophisticated and economical method to convert ordinary glass into a solar concentrator technology. The technology relies on glass Windows, applies to which a coating as a paint or varnish, that collects and directs the photons that would be lost if this surface is a conventional solar panel. In addition, could allow in the future that an office building obtain energy through its tinted Windows, in addition to using your roof. This technology can be very practical to reduce the cost of solar energy. Marc Baldo, Michael Currie, Jon Mapel, Timothy Heidel and Shalom Goffri covered glass panels with layers of two or more light sensors dyes. The dyes absorbed the incoming light and reemitieron energy inwards of the glass, which served to drive the light towards the solar cells along the edges of the panels. Dyes may vary from which appear in bright colours to chemical compounds that you are very transparent to visible light.


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