Learning To Love Cloud Computing

From zero to 50 million in under two years, mini notebook computer, ‘ netbooks, are taking over. From zero to 50 million in under two years, mini notebook computers, “netbooks”, are taking over. Netbooks rely on cloud computing-applications that you access online instead of loading onto your computer hard drive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kai-Fu Lee. And so should you. Cloud computing frees you from ever having to worry about storage space again.

Google docs, online photo editing, online music, YouTube videos – it’s there to help you take care of whatever task you need to do you’re likely to find on online offering, sometimes free, that fits the bill. Spacelocker is a social organizer, and it’s an ideal companion to your netbook. It’s fast and simple, and while a netbook is small enough that it can be easily confused with a toy computer, it’s a powerful business tool, with wireless Internet built – in for anywhere, anytime computing. These tiny notebooks are already popping up as giveaways or heavily subsidized freebees (remember the cellphone?) as companies try to lure cash from the pockets of prospective cash-strapped consumers. If you’re new to netbook computer, you should know that a netbook gives you mobile computing with built-in – in WiFi, usually Bluetooth. Many have webcams built in, as well as stripped down offerings that make it ideal for email, messaging, web surfing, uploading pictures or videos to online site-again, think Spacelocker, and a range of other tasks.

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