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PSW GROUP increases security in the Internet of Fulda, September 27, 2010. IT Securityunternehmen PSW GROUP GmbH & co. KG from Fulda, Germany offers up now finally off to SSL certificates to several services and products for hosters for resale. To ensure the protection of online transactions in addition to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the PSW GROUP VeriSign identity protection holds for mobile (VIP mobile). VIP mobile is countered by a two-factor authentication of increasing caution by consumers as a result of ever-increasing online fraud.

The two-factor authentication, users confirm their identity based on two factors. One by something about a device that generates a one-time password is what familiar, such as user name or password, and something that is in their possession. VIP mobile, the PSW GROUP provides a cost-effective and simple two-factor authentication now available. This application transforms a mobile phone into a mobile token which absolutely safe transactions with appropriate, Company allows. In collaboration with the Mentana Claimsoft AG the PSW GROUP also offers an ASP service for qualified electronic signature (QES) from 0.045 per signature / verification. The ASP service primary purpose is the fulfilment of existing German legislation according to 14 UStG regarding the delivery of e-invoices with qualified digital signature.

In addition, an ASP-service requires no additional software, no card reader and no signature cards, but only a mail client or a Web / SOAP interface. Another advantage of the application service is the way, the verification of the signature by a third party to deliver. Own extradition of a verification would be otherwise not permitted by law. Also, the secure content delivery network (secure CDN) delivers maximum security coupled with the latest server technology from 0.40 per GB data transfer. A CDN is a network of the Internet of connected server the one delivering static content such as images, pictures and JavScripts from the nearest server.

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