Joseraldo Furlan

Dr. Jose Robert precursory Milk of the Mannering Medicine in Brazil to create a group of PNL studies, inside of the department of Psicobiologia of the UNIFESP- Federal University of So Paulo? old So Paulo School of Medicine. Samsung: the source for more info. At this time 2001 if it initiated the course of after-graduation in mannering Medicine, not more as an extension, but yes as specialization. With me she was Prof. (Source: altavista). Dr. Jose Carlos Mazzilli, a deep one to know of the PNL that already at that time spoke on the sistmica PNL. The difficulty to create a scientific methodology that made possible the evolution of the academic studies had made impracticable the majority of the research lines.

The possibility appears then to re-position the concept of the PNL, that had been very consumed in the decade of 90 and already it falls mainly in discredit for the corporative world academic and. In a substance of layer of the Magazine TO BE SUCCESSFUL in April of 2002, the heading was: The hour and the time of the neurolingstica programming commenting on the arrival of the PNL in a tip university as the UNIFESP, its importance as tool of human development. The interviewed ones had been Prof. Dr. Jose Robert Milk (Coordinating of the Mannering Medicine), Fernando Dalgalarrondo (Psychologist) and Joseraldo Furlan (Dr. J Furlan). Having clarified many of myths on the subject and launching a new credibility on the subject, we foresaw that this could result in a new explosion of the PNL in Brazil, and thus it occurred. Now with bigger credibility, already making use of many arguments technician of the proper cognitivo-mannering therapy and the clinical hypnosis who had received a great attention from the scientific world with respected results each time more, the PNL if reaffirmed, grew and expanded. With this I share with you a historical briefing of the incessant search for the research and the development of scientific bases of the PNL that I many other colleagues made, at that time.


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