Joaquin Lopez Doriga

Day after day, the technological revolution has changed the way we communicate. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pete Cashmore. Farewell to the archaic letters of correspondence than the old sentimentality that leads to the dedication, leaves us a slight feeling of dissatisfaction at the time they can come to pick us up. And instead, we prefer a quick mail. At this time, the image is moving much faster than letters, as would Sartori, visible on the intelligible. Received and processed information, and give us direct, we have to analyze it and makes us much more facil.Sartori no longer spoke of a homo sapiens, if not a gay viewers. He also said a Todo just being displayed. But what happens with the non-viewable (the most part)? So while we worry about who controls the media, we do not realize that it is the instrument itself and for itself what has escaped us by the hand . It also refers to television encourages violence, and to report bad shape, and short form.

And this act is changing the tele-ver.Ya act of this state will be undermined by the media, where the "elite opinion can change at will because the media a Todos involved in the process of informing the demos, and therefore in shaping public opinion. However, television has become the critical means and still not posted on the internet . The state then you could lose credibility with the news that they publish at will the media take the news as they say Carlos Loret de Mola and Joaquin Lopez Doriga as the absolute truth of the news, leaving the public without their own criteria. .

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