ISO Requirements

However, in reality each member of the organization has a perception and ambition not always similar to the organization, so any talk managerial discourse and seek to explain and understand the benefits it can bring the implementation to the employee and the organization may fall on deaf ears, that because employees are not feel the benefit immediately and then not really motivated to give a better effort and help improve business processes. The situation may be taking for reasons such as: idiosyncrasy of the people, an unsatisfactory quality of life for society, low wages in the industry, and whether the existing organizational culture.

That is why the manager or administrator of the organization must, first of all, help the company officials to fulfill their ambitions and feel immediate benefits themselves to complying with the requirements that are set internally to achieve ISO certification 9001. This can be achieved by creating more channels to generate monthly income to the employee according to the degree of compliance with the requirements of internal and externally to obtain ISO 9001 certification so that is a tractive for them to meet targets, make plans to improve formal and concrete help create a working environment appropriate and effective procedures to meet the minimum. One of these channels may allow company officials palpated own benefits of working directly in the fulfillment of requirements for implementing management systems, quality is variable pay, ie staff with greater production efficiency , fulfillment of objectives and requirements set internally and by ISO 9001, among other things, receive a higher monthly payment by continuous monitoring of their level of contribution.

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