Hundreds Free E-Books For Downloading Legally launches a large-scale offensive to relieve inhibitions against eBooks ostringen, May 17, 2010. A few weeks ago, one of the largest online stores for eBooks in Germany started with In an interview, Managing Director Johannes Blatz revealed that it to overcome major hurdles is especially true in Germany, to bring electronic books to the people. According to Blatz, the Germans still prefer something real to the touch hold in their hands. In the United States seller would have it, however, much easier to bring formerly classic media in electronic form on the man. For this reason, a major offensive starts intermedibooks to remove hurdles for users.

Intermedibooks hundreds of eBooks, which are available for downloading free and non-binding on the Internet pages published jointly with the partner Ventus publishing ApS and other publishers. A leading source for info: Michael Dell. Johannes Blatz sees also the hype created around handheld devices such as the iPad, as a positive sign “sure that is even less tech-savvy people electronic content to take” open and whose benefits learn to appreciate. He sees the iPad itself but more critically, because in his opinion the model of app stores, and lack as far as restrict the freedoms of the user and the developer comfortably on the device to store files, this means a big step backwards. Blatz is in the words of O’Reilly-founder Tim O’Reilly O’Reilly to diminish the opportunities and freedoms that come with the Internet and especially the so-called Web 2.0, looking through the increasing app stores. Apple’s app store and comparable models lock the users and this set on a system, a completely false and outdated approach”, further criticized Blatz. For this reason, the company behind intermedibooks, the founded in 2008, intermediport GbR, a cooperation stepped up with manufacturers of open systems.

Of course intermedibooks but also offers the support for iPad and other completed systems it supports a variety of formats, and also with the online option read”a large part of the works independently from any device from the browser out makes available. The range of free and paid eBooks and eJournals will be continuously expanded and is freely available under to download. A registration is not mandatory. intermediport the intermediport GbR GbR develops and operates online applications and software for sales and marketing of medical technology since 2008. With the online market place in mid-2008 one of the leading marketplaces for efficient trading in new and used medical equipment created. It also operates intermediport collaborations with universities and other partners for the development of telemedicine systems and corresponding interfaces on the basis of SOA. For customers, plans and implements ERP connections, online shops and portals, and intermediport Internetrpasenzen. 2010, the brand was established in intermedibooks. Under the brand operates one of the largest online shops for electronic 6,400 and journals in Germany intermediport.


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