Free Time

Buy the music that we tell you! Swallow the programmes that you place! Dance to the rhythm that you touch! Smoking you chocolate that you sell!… Credit: Bobby Sharma-2011. These and other similar are the slogans with which traps the young machinery of consumption. This advertising and marketing study very well how to win the millions of young people between 15 and 25 years, who sold tobacco, alcohol, drugs, disks, fashion, nightclubs… and all this with great benefits for the State’s coffers (up to 70% of RRP). We must not forget that the majority of young people use free time (especially on weekends) to attend activities profitable, passive and consumerist, discos, cinemas and bars; still a minority who go hiking, attending associations or practice sport.

This free time controlled is favored by the scarce cultural offerings in the neighborhoods, the lack of sports, House of youth or youth centres. We are witnessing in these times the so-called weekend binge, where 5% of the young people consume an average of 85 degrees of alcohol. So free time is a time controlled reversing large benefits to the multinationals of leisure, leisure becoming a great neg-leisure. Young people today living an era of boredom, no longer participate in the Organization of his idle time because lack them capacity, media and equimamientos to organize itself. Instead promotes activities from local councils regardless of participation and protagonism of the kids. It is a policy of myopic youth that does not give answers to the juvenile claims. And, however, the free time concerned parents. Despite this there are still children who have no free time because they work, and others who do have it, may not play in the single common space that is the street due to traffic in the big cities and insecurity that alarm parents.

Waiting for the sociopolitical change (which already is much wait) recommend to parents, animators and educators that they try to promote group activities in open spaces, recovering the neighborhood for their inhabitants, recovering popular culture, traditional games, parties and everything that contributes to children not sold his soul to the TV and all that since she try to annihilate the most essential of the man: their dignity and their right to be free. Because arise an ideal situation of leisure time, will inevitably lead us to change society itself. . blogspot. It is Blogs related the time free Enrique Monterroza devotional and however remind you it the weblog of the Lord Grillo aspects economic of globalization.

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