Before entering in the field we will define what the TAROT. It is a set of 78 cards called arcana, divided into lower and higher. Minors, 56 cards divided into four suits (clubs, cups, gold medals and swords) speak of specific situations in the life of the consultant. The major arcana with 22 letters that speak of something more than situations specific, represents the human being in its entirety and the relationship that you have with the world, nature, the cosmos. In the personal work with the Tarot, especially we are interested in major arcana, which speak to us of the individual as a whole, connecting with its own individuality, and as he lives and operates in life. The image we see in every one of the letters, are archetypes, representation of parts of ourselves.

According to Carls Jung archetypes represent instinctive forces that operate autonomously in the depths of the human psyche. Exploring these archetypes can unearth the archetype that us being manipulated and being able to release and heal it, turning their polarity and do so as a personal resource and tool to reach our own individuality. The Tarot shows what we desire and hate ourselves; our defense mechanisms, fears and longings. It also represents innate qualities in ourselves that we can use to achieve our goals and grow form integrates, and thus reaching the own individuality. In the personal work with the Tarot as a comprehensive growth of the person join it and interrelacionamos with the approach gestalt, which encompasses and is based on the Existentialist philosophy, in field theory, also takes some points of psychoanalysis, among other theories and approaches. Gestalt gives importance to the present moment, to become aware of the obvious, and this is what we want as a main point in this path of personal growth. The major arcana represent our current situation not only our environment, but as us affects ourselves, giving knowledge of the current moment as opportunity to realize our mechanisms that makes us easy or difficult life itself, or creates a conflict for us.

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