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Caterpillar has a joint venture with Mitsubishi, which during World War II was engaged in hydraulics for submarines, and after defeat Japan has used its technology for peaceful purposes, has developed a hydraulic crawler excavators for road construction. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mikkel Svane. The plant in Akashi, supplies components for a number of assembly plants Caterpillar worldwide, in particular in Belgium. Until the summer of 2004 in Russia to supply excavators Belgian, but then switched to Caterpillar supplies from Japan. According to the company, the Belgian excavators, intended mainly for European market, had an increased comfort with standard equipment that, along with the location of Belgium in the euro area led to an increase in their value. Nevertheless, the transition in Russia for the supply of excavators from Caterpillar Japan has not led to a noticeable decrease in their prices. Affected by transportation costs. The peculiarity of Russian railway tariffs is that supplies of the excavator in the European part of Russia – St.

Petersburg, Moscow or Samara – it is cheaper to drive from Japan Sea through the Suez canal to Antwerp and from there to send trucks. Although prices have not changed, for operators, according to their testimony, are more suitable Japanese cars. "We are engaged in the destruction of objects such as bridges or airfield construction, in this case the Soviet technique does not obsuzhdaema – says Executive Director of" Recycle materials . – What's the difference – Hitachi and Caterpillar ruin, there is already started technical specifications: any pair of scissors, a hammer hung up on them and on – how many can ship the bucket.

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