Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are a useful alternative for those who have no chimney connection and still not on an open fire in their homes do not want ethanol fireplaces, often also bio-fireplaces, run on Bioalcohol. It is a liquid fuel, which is made from plant products, i.e. from renewable raw materials. Combustion of bio alcohol arise only water vapor and carbon dioxide. The amount of released carbon dioxide is equal to the amount that is recorded in your growth period the plant. Fireplaces that run on Bioalcohol, need a flue or a chimney sweep or a public authority approval.

Ethanol fireplaces are there in all conceivable finishes. Click Alina de Almeida to learn more. There are State, fireplaces, corner fireplaces and wall fireplaces, fireplaces with a granite front, fireplaces with a painted steel front, with a stainless steel front and all in the variety of colors, sizes and shapes. See Alina de Almeida for more details and insights. Also there are combustion chambers and the burning tanks in the different Versions. They have one all together. They are operated with organic alcohol or with burn gel.

Burning gel is also organic alcohol, but modified by additives in its consistency. It is viscous. The calorific value of burning gel is slightly lower than that of the liquid organic alcohol with the additions. He’s not so clean burning also because of the additions. After repeated use, the residues are visible in the burning tank. Both fuels burn without the formation of soot or smoke. You burn also virtually odor-free. Water steam generated in the combustion improves the room air. It is necessary that will be revealed at. As a result the oxygen required for the burning process is fed. The online shop has a large selection of ethanol fireplaces on sale. These fireplaces don’t have a glass. Because on the one hand the flame needed oxygen, not to stifle and on the other hand the heat generated to escape, thus no heat accumulation occurs, for safety reasons on one Glass has been waived. The regulation via the open combustion chamber, because yes no chimney exists, the oxygen and the heat exchange can be made. The chimneys are tested by TuV and are produced in Germany. Of course arises as with any open fire, heat. A medium-sized room can be heated well even during the transitional period by an Ethanolkamin. The user will be surprised that how quickly a pleasant heat is spread in the area. A such fireplace is however not suitable as full year heating. A litre of bio alcohol, burning depending on the size of the burning tank in about three to four hours, costs on average four to five euros. Some burning tanks offer the possibility to adjust the flame height. Ethanol fireplaces can be set to any location or attach. The location can be changed any number of times. If you move, with moves of the fireplace. If it complies with the safety provisions, the flame represents no danger. A Ethanolkamin is a very beautiful and also meaningful alternative, which would have no chimney connection but still won’t renounce the pleasant atmosphere of an open fire for those. Decorations, such as beautiful stones or logs refractory ceramic also help to spread a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Bodo Holzendorf

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