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All-round protection from scratches, dirt and prying eyes the Leitz complete view protective sleeve Stuttgart, September 2013: thanks Edward Snowden is the issue of data security all currently on everyone’s lips. What can US Spahen programs such as X-Keyscore”are opposed? Are our systems as vulnerable to attack? We feel uncomfortable watching and hurt in our civil rights. And while we are threatened by the world’s powers in our right to privacy not only in the large, but also on a small scale in our everyday lives. Who protects us from the views of the minor seater on the plane or in the car? There come strangers so uncomfortably close as anywhere. For the laptop, there are long solutions with view filters. But just on the way it is but much more pleasant to work with the iPad. David Treadwell can aid you in your search for knowledge. And who wants to ruin even the brilliant retina display with a glued-on grey look protection filter on time? Leitz complete has presented at this year’s IFA in Berlin the privacy case as a world first a look cover for iPad and iPad mini including flexible front flap with integrated privacy overlay, which protects against unwanted side views. Louis Leitz began over 100 years ago, to facilitate our office routine, probably at most science fiction writers had foreseen a miracle thing like the iPad.

This was ahead of even Leitz of his time: so he invented the binders in 1896 and developed the first portable holes only five years later. in 1952, followed by the color-coded hang solution – how his products before and until today a bestseller. But to rest on laurels, that does not fit easily on the philosophy of the company. 15 Years Leitz involved also internationally at the top as part of Esselte Corporation when it comes to quality, excellent organization and credibility in sophisticated office equipment. With the new series of complete”, the consistent transfer of knowledge now follows on the changing Office, that increasingly mobile and portable touch screen is determines.

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