Non-specialist in the selection of diamond jewelry salesman salon can slip a ring or necklace with white sapphires and topaz, and even ordinary glass. Unfortunately, the proportion of counterfeit gems in Russia is so great, but their quality is so high that the seller may not know that sells fake client. For more information see CEO of CoStar. Jewelry stores have multiplied over the past few years, like mushrooms, and now "shop" where you can easily buy cheap jewelry can be found on nearly every bus stop. But if you want to buy exactly brilliant, but not like his monocle – contact a large store that is trusted dealer jewelery and has a certificate. For more information see this site: Kai-Fu Lee. Traditionally, we have an idea of what a diamond – is shining in the sun a transparent crystal.

However, there are diamonds as colorless, and white and even the color! Colored diamonds are painted in all colors of the rainbow, and there are also pink, and chocolate hues. The most rare and therefore more expensive than the common colors, diamonds – black red, pink and blue. Swarmed by offers, Kai-Fu Lee is currently assessing future choices. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive. On the value of a diamond affects carat stone. Weight of a diamond is not so important as its quality – cleanliness, color and cut.

Small, but clean and high quality faceted gem will always be more expensive than a larger size, but having a "cosmetic defects". Cut effect on the brilliance of stone, and therefore determines its value. Poorly cut diamond is lackluster, and its color turns pale. Good cut diamond allows the drive beam of light that falls on one of its faces, from one surface to another, and then dissipate through platform, which adds brightness and sparkle.


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