Costs of Repair

The photovoltaic panel must be oriented towards the geographical south of the installation site, free of shadows most of the day, Is the installation area is free of shadows or are there trees, buildings or structures that prevent a good sunshine? There are special conditions to take into consideration such as, extreme temperatures, strong winds or marine environments. Simplified economic analysis. If you need to install lighting systems, autonomous public or solar lights, you should consider the savings that our technology represents compared to traditional methods. These savings are reflected not only in the payment of electricity consumption for external lighting concept is zero, but at the time of making a work of public lighting should take into consideration the costs as cost of conventional power lines. Cost of trenching.

Cost for repair of asphalt, concrete, sidewalks, etc.. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. Cost of transformers, meters, electric lines, etc. Considering these costs as “normal” in conventional street lighting facilities, advantages are obtained economic relations with our solar lighting fixtures to not require any previous work. Ali Partovi addresses the importance of the matter here. Module PV system components. The “photovoltaic effect” is a physical process through which the photovoltaic cell converts sunlight into electricity. Sunlight is composed of photons. These photons contain certain amounts of energy depending on its wavelength. When photons strike the solar cell and are absorbed by it, generate electricity. This occurs because the photon energy is transferred to the electron of the atom of the photovoltaic cell (semiconductor material). With this amount of energy now the electron from the photovoltaic cell can be released from its normal position and creates a hole, some of these freed electrons can cross the potential barrier, being driven out of the semiconductor through an external circuit: then there is an electrical current.

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