Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputation is the set of perceptions that have over the company various interest groups to which it relates, both internal and external. It is the result of behaviour developed by the company over time and describes its ability to deliver value to the above-mentioned groups. This reputation relates not only services, but also with the brand, executives a company is not only what she alone is, but that she is and everything that surrounds him. Only the fact of saying you work for Menganito, if it’s a well-known company, and gives you some reputation yourself. However, and as we have announced, this reputation can damage, impaired and cause big losses if there is an uncontrolled incident (complaints, criticisms, harmful comments).

Therefore it is essential to know that says foo, which has been his problem, and above all try to fix it, because companies and clients are United by symbiotic relationships, even more if it is of a employee. Thus, the management of reputation begins with listening to what customers are saying. If you’re of that thinks that these very occupied for listen to TUS customers and much less SUS critical, then do not continue reading is not get along with everyone, as it is impossible. Nor will it generate artificial content, to answer quickly and strategically is not an effective method and convince it to users, because they know to detect these mechanisms insufficient, and cannot be but increase the discontent. Ideally, users shed constructive criticism, and entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to improve certain aspects, it is relatively easy to understand without that cause major conflicts in these. However we are aware that there are many people criticizing free of charge and many companies little concerned with the satisfaction of their customers. This problem is created by certain Web pages, and main objective (in many cases, the only one) is that users criticize, creating great problems of image and reputation to a company.

When criticism is a complement to information giving certain pages on companies, usually having opinions both positive and negative, making it easier to have a joint vision of the pros and cons of a company. What is having a service that detects and prioritize those contents that make reference to our company, knowing that in the social world and 2.0, consumers have an uncontrollable power, even much greater than the person who tries to damage our reputation presupposed. Employees, who are direct representatives of the company, beginning and ending by customers who are for this essential, should be aware that say and what are the problems. There are studies that show that the greater is the degree of satisfaction of an employee, the greater the own results of enterprises. Similarly (even more) the greater is the degree of satisfaction of a client, the greater the performance of the companies. Audea security of the information Marta Sanchez Valdeon legal Department

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