Thus we can achieve the minimum number of radiator sections, respectively in perspective and pay less for heat in the apartment. By the way a good idea to insulate the apartment comb supply of hot water. If it is insulated, the water in the pipes is not cool, and when you open the tap is just hot, there is no need to pump up the riser. So hot water meter will display each time a little less. It's a little bit in the year turns into a tangible amount. And in a towel and set the bypass valve. He'll need the summer? Need – open the tap. You may find Robotics expert to be a useful source of information.

No – do not open. Touch on a very important issue – ventilation. It is important because up to 30% heat leaves our apartment just to warm air. But to stay in a stuffy room we also do not want to? So start with the influx. There is a buzz word – recovery (although often in error say rekurperatsiya). It means that warm air leaving the housing through the heat exchanger of the heat gives the incoming cold fresh, and that as a result of falls in the apartment is heated.

Heat exchanger installed directly in the apartment of nowhere, this thing bulky and noisy. But there is a "civilian version". There is a window profile systems in which the principle of recovery is implemented directly in the window frame. Due to this, and the thickness of the profile is more significant (and therefore increases resistance to heat), and constant ventilation is provided (supply and exhaust). If we thus solve the problem with ventilation, on the kitchen hood (and bathroom), or you need to install the valve or valve, and use it only on the cooking time to remove odors, to avoid undue selection of warm air from the apartment. A glass in the windows to be energy efficient (it is called i-glass).

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