Company Management

The executive coaching helps managers to develop organizations where financial gain is not the only value that must be met, the development of corporate values enhances the achievement of financial targets necessary for sustainability of the business and shareholder satisfaction with the approach socially responsible, which allows for sustainable management, solidarity and ethics business, which the company will gain in value and recognition by the public concerned in its activity.

The coaching process will allow through the formulation of questions to stimulate thinking and encourage creativity, finding workable solutions to existing challenges, assuming full responsibility for decisions to be addressed by the coachee, increasing awareness their actions and develop skills or discovering forgotten or to supplement or acquire and personal attitudes in both individual and social relationship, as the spirit of compromise, fairness and equality and solidarity, which will enable the achievement of satisfactory results in the short, medium and long term, where sustainability, environmental and social responsibility and ethics necessary to avoid social harm in exchange for increasing the income of the business, become part of the central column to support the action plan and business to be applied.

Of course the process also to discover the skills to be developed or improved to increase efficiency, improve management and increase their leadership and management skills, team work, improved work environment, personal development and improvement of all interpersonal relationships based on the influence instead of traditional power relations, with tools of NLP, emotional and social intelligence, active listening, teamwork, effective communication, feedforwar, delegation, training in values, positive feedback and many others who help manage more effectively change required by organizations..

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