communication Should Help People

The global world should bring a degree of communication to help liberation. The exchange of concrete ideas to announce new ideas that reduce uncertainty innovative outputs. Of course, today’s technological resources are the key, but no human invention end and some new ways. Today we must deal with the available systems, tools, software, networks, databases. They are tools, the challenge is in that shape knowledge societies where the world is turning to human capital. The so-called mass media broadcast the same message, in many cases handled according to the interests of the issuer, that is, basically impersonal media, while now the communication is personalized and allows interaction. On the Internet fit all means we have met, so that it becomes more than a means in itself, as universalized knowledge prevents handling a much greater extent than occurs in the mass media, integrate and customize. We must admit that in countries like Venezuela takes technology as a toy and not as a release.

It speaks of six million Venezuelans connected to the network but the practical exercise of searching for a communication impossible. In short, the Venezuelans have not learned to communicate. The traditional media powerful media tend to merge, but also multiply the local media. Printed newspapers include video and audio and are not able to produce a breakthrough in the way journalism is disappearing, because nobody buys them to find out some news that has already been released massively hours and days. Local media reported the life of the community they serve.


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