Buy Cheap Phones – Cheap Mobile Phones Without Contract

A new cell phone with no contract. Cheap mobile phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung. There is a large selection. But what should you look for when buying? Several phones have numerous functions and be bought like especially by young people. Some people can not afford to but, because these entire functions have also their corresponding price. Because it is looking for then like a cheap mobile phone. To better orientation in the world of cheap mobile phones, the cheapest models are briefly presented here. The home of cheap mobile phones in India became the home of the cheapest technology.

The Indians have thought up the cheapest mobile phones in the world. You have no screen and cost only $20. Come on the market the cheap mobile phones only on March 1, 2010 just a phone “the people” – the Bombay Company spice is the name of the cell phones. It is assumed that the cheap mobile phones with their price by $20 when the population will be in demand. Most people in India are not demanding, therefore the Spice people have tried the cheap phones as easy to construct as possible: they have no complicated functions, do not have access to the Internet, it is missing the function of a video camera.

Cheap mobile phones should be easy just phones. The spice company plans to make even cheaper phones, they will cost only $10. Special cheap phones are designed for blind subscribers. Here are even more cheap phones. Hop1800, $10 In 2008, the society has made the cheap phones hop-on. They cost only $10. These cheap phones are extremely simple: there is neither a built-in camera, nor an address book and display. The call function is the main function of these cheap phones. When to charge the phone once, enough for four hours of conversation and 150 hours in the mode of waiting. The keyboard of this cheap mobile phones is provided with the key symbols for bad-looking people. Vergatario, $15 this Venezuelan mobile phones are among the cheapest in the world, when one particularly the ratio of price to quality observed. The cheap mobile phones are using a photo camera, FM radio, MP3 – and?Equipped 4-player. In addition, you can have an Internet connection with them. The cheap phones “Vergatario” cost only $15. 1202/1203, 25 Euro these two phones are Nokia the cheapest ones that are produced by the company “Nokia”. Both models, 1202/1203, are very similar and have the same price only 25 euros. The design and size are different: 1202 is slightly larger. The black-and-white monitor of this cheap mobile phone is equipped with a display, and the battery can operate up to nine hours in the regime of the call and until 630 hours in a passive mode. The cheap mobile phones Nokia 1202/1203 can store about 200 addresses and up to 60 SMS. Hop in 1803, $36 is still a phone by the company hop-on, the cheap mobile phone appeared in the summer of 2008. It costs $36. For this money, the buyer gets cheap mobile phones, which can make not only calls, send SMS, Images Save and submit. The lucky owners of cheap mobile phones like having four built-in games. The address book can store up to 50 records hop 1803. The battery of this cheap mobile phones allows you to work up to four hours in the regime of the conversation or 150 hours in a passive mode


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