Biotechnology And Pollution

It is possible that excellence is by far the most desirable option in a modern society built by hits (visits from profile). Biotechnology a “on the other hand, allows us the utopia of a future generation of men and women a excellent , produced genetically as currently manufactured high-quality tomatoes. At least, judging by the desire to be poured in torrents through advertising, so convulsive that women still using excellent for their purposes, seems to be the inevitable fate of femininity (a future similar to that described by Boris Vian.)

Excellence, as defined and understood as closed to that has to come from a program (such as educational level) takes a little beauty round corners or exit doors, as if the fruit thus obtained had a process premeditated design, which can be reached without effort and which is obtained not by its own merits (from achieving success through work, for example) but given attributes. If best is what you have achieved excellence on the other hand, then this happens to be a capacity to be a quality, a state reachable from the preparation of circumstances, personalities and even genes. If best is that which does not admit fault, an excellent woman can not make mistakes, it is more: it is possible that the comet, because if I would not be aware of them (and technically not commit). Nor was his health may be impaired in any way. Biotechnologically, prototypes excellent women must be made not to suffer any of the worst diseases.

At best, you have a cold. what then happens with the pollution, the spread and all those factors that impact negatively on excellence? The world we live in is full of imperfections, faults and mistakes unpardonable. It is also full of virus. If virtually an excellent woman is easily exploitable, a good real woman even more so. Would have to live in a bubble to not get the flu or other influenza A, then do not forget, the higher biological quality (protein speaking) there is a greater vulnerability biosystematics. The future of the excellent woman, should reach a landing place biotech (that no one was surprised that bring it to market Monsanto genomes excellent a “although sterile”) is a future full of fears, fears of losing just excellence, becomes apparent as their great inherent weakness, a weakness that does not take into account the paradigm shift that has occurred inadvertently, by mutating the word excellence excellent a . The synonymy with wonderful, extraordinary, sublime, beautiful, admirable, stupendous creates excellent woman in the future a state of perfection impossible and easily exploitable, not only through the corrupt but above all by the mere contagion spread, the single transmission everything that is not being close can be in any great way. Unless, that as the sirens, to become an excellent woman, no more than a fiction that have been amputee legs.


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