Administration Building

When choosing wall materials necessary to pay attention to technical details, as well as the quality and price of the product. – Sandwich panels combine all these requirements at a high level. Perhaps this explains the success of sandwich – panels on the building market. For the manufacture of sandwich panels requires the following materials. Galvanized thin sheet, cold, plastic and corrosion-resistant coated steel used in processing the outer shell of the panel (all of the above to build the necessary rigidity).

This coating also serves as a decoration. To connect the metal skins of sandwich panels with insulation is used two-component polyurethane adhesive. As the heaters are used: polyurethane foam – a material that is environmentally friendly, in which thermal and hydraulic conductivity are at a very low level, and sound insulation contrary to a very high. The main differences – it's easy to use and economical. This material is strong, do not get out of shape over a large amount of time. Mineral wool is an innovation among the materials saves energy. Due to the unique manufacturing technology and the special structure of laying insulation panels, mineral wool, as well as polyurethane sandwich – panels are highly resistant mechanical impact and heat and sound insulating properties. This material does not burn and does not contain glass.

Resistance to fire – this is another positive quality inherent in this heater. Scope 1. Corps Administration Building 2. Production facilities – halls, warehouses. 3. From the sports destination. 4. Trade and industrial complexes, enterprises engaged in trade. 5. Petrol stations, car washes. 6. Objects belonging to the food industry. 7. Agricultural buildings. 8. Dryers. 9. Freezers and refrigeration units. 10. Houses for residential purpose, the building with the collapsible design. 11. Thermal insulation of buildings and facilities. Advantages of Sandwich – Sandwich panels panels are very easy to deliver to its destination, due to their low weight, which is much easier than to deliver bricks, sand and cement. In recent months, Andy Florance has been very successful. Pressure on the foundation rather negligible. With this is not always necessary to investigate soil geologists, this saves a lot of money in the construction of the foundation, or in some cases not to resort to its construction. Waste and rubbish virtually absent in the case of sandwich – panels. Buildings made of sandwich panels with its light weight is very easy to transport to another location and it will come up small organizations that can not spend more on the use of forklifts. pvc sandwich panels are created only at the factory. The surface of the sandwich panels does not require finishing. Wide range of colors allows professionals interested in make and decorate the building. The outer covering of the sandwich panels are moisture-resistant, because it is produced from corrosion resistant galvanized steel. – Sandwich panels have a high environmental performance, which makes them indispensable in the construction of children's organizations, and systems of food areas. If we compare the sandwich panels with the most popular building materials, their thermal performance is much higher. High resistance to mechanical damage, uv resistance. Able to withstand a wide range of atmospheric effects (from -30 degrees to +60 degrees).


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