A Little About Mountain Bikes

When searching for iron helper each has its own limits and desires – depending on how many wild and long will your attacks. Here are a couple of models for comparison in 2010. Bike Cube Analog 2010 – high-quality satellite for lovers of the mountain passes and slopes. He is the best option for those inherent in the spirit of freedom, but still, they love the convenience and quality. This hardteyl for cross country with the equipment of the initial-professional level, with an aluminum frame 7005, suspension fork 100mm. Wide soft tires improve the damping characteristics bike, 27 tier switch also allows the very steep hill to climb with ease, mechanical disc tomoznaya system – a guarantee of safety, while the idea may organize V shaped brake system. And finally, to the endless benefits it is necessary to add another big plus – it weighs only 13.1 kg.

So, even with the situation, if you will neobhoimosti some time to shove a true iron horse on the shoulder, it would not be difficult. Estimated cost 18000 rubles. Mountain Biking Author basic – a bike for the city and the rugged terrain, safe maneuvering easy. As in the model that we described earlier, this bike frame is made of the same strong and lightweight alloy – aluminum 7005, which greatly facilitates weight. Equipment for this model the first level, the bike will be in time for beginners and amateurs.

Strong, easily adjustable 24-tier transmission, shock absorber spring oily 100mm rugulirovka load and lock a bicycle make the most dramatic, versatile and comfortable to use. Aluminum V-shaped brake system sells your trips more safe. Weight 13.6 kg. The approximate cost of 15,000 rubles. Bicycles Stark 2010 router disc – Bicycles domestic producer, on the backbone of German technology. The portfolio Stark huge selection of bikes of all sizes. Bicycles that brand a little inferior to the previous two models of qualitative characteristics, but based on the formula price / quality of these funny bike option for beginners travelers. 6061 aluminum frame with reinforced bottirovaniem, suspension fork 70 mm., Mechanical disc brakes. Includes plastic wings with ground tires strong double rims, Switch with 24 levels. Weight 14 900 kg. The approximate cost of 13,000 rubles. Bike Scott aspect – for lovers of biking ski slopes, for those who can not shake from steep rocky paths. You have to understand that buying this bike, part of the price you otaete for quality assurance of reliability, time-tested for a "brand". Equipment installed on this bike its original level. The important qualities of a bicycle may include: oil, spring elastomer suspension fork 100 mm, equipped with a lock of the double bottirovanie, gearbox 24 speed, aluminum frame gidroformirovannaya 6061. Depending on the configuration bicycle can be mounted V-shaped rim brakes or disc, hydraulic, wheel rims on the backbone of the double, weight 14.4 kg. Approximate cost of this bike about 29 000 rubles.


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