Warned In Time Of All Radars With The IPhone App Blitzer.de

The lightning detector for all stationary speed cameras worldwide as well as Blitzer.de, the free iPhone application for the iPhone 3 G, 3GS and iPhone 4 warns motorists GPS ahead of all fixed mobile real time speed cameras in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and registered mobile speed cameras on its route. Users will benefit from more than 40,000 of fixed speed and Ampelblitzer from the database of SCDB.info and the mobile real-time Flash linker messages from Blitzer.de. They are disguised as a dustbin, hidden behind trees or hidden in the keeps. Fixed and mobile speed traps daily provide countless skid marks in the road surface. With Blitzer.de, the free iPhone application, every motorist can help. Owners of iPhones are informed in time about all reported cameras on their route via GPS.

To do this, you can download the popular app Blitzer.de (Community Edition for the Switzerland, Germany and Austria) for the iPhone 3 G, 3GS and iPhone 4 in the portal for Blitzer.de or in the iTunes app store. The car driver is alerted by a voice announcement and icons on the display in time all logged packet. Thanks to the unique directional warning for all stationary speed cameras worldwide, there is no misleading messages by speed cameras on the opposite lane. True, it works the community thought also in the other direction. Want to a user report a Blitzer, he can hit the login button on his iPhone, to warn other road users. The current position of the distance will be immediately transmitted to the system and checked by the Blitzer.de editorial team and then sent back to the community. Users will benefit from more than 40,000 of fixed speed and Ampelblitzer of the world’s best and most accurate database of SCDB.info and the mobile Flash er messages, real time, the ever-growing community of Blitzer.de. All Flash locations in an overview map, image galleries and many more interesting information around the topic of speed cameras are located there. “Blitzer.de is consistently on course for success: so far have around 500,000 active users” the mobile lightning detector installed. Overall, more than 4,000 are mobile speed cameras and traffic control reported, “Matthias says eagerly founder from Blitzer.de direct link to the AppStore,: itunes.apple.com/de/app/blitzer-de/id393860580?mt=8 link to the portal for Blitzer.de: portal.blitzer.de link to the speed camera database: link to Blitzer.de:”


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