See bars on the windows of shops and pavilions has become problematic. They were replaced by security shutters, roller shutters which are also called, they have already gained popularity. Will look untruthfully, if we say that look through the bars is very nice. They have many advantages compared to the bars. To begin with, they will be able to prevent penetration into the building. Second, they prevent the sunlight, the most keeping your furniture and curtains. Hyro often says this. Third – they prevent the ingress of dust or rain and do not let the noise from the street.

Finally, their discovery is not difficult, do not need to go out, everything is done out of the room without opening the box. And most important advantage is their harmony with the building, they will look to passers-date. It is also very dependent on the range, but it is not sufficiently small. They may have a different color, width, and the way opening and closing. For the production of Venetian blinds are usually used aluminum, but steel is also possible. Usually the width of the profile of roller shutters range from 4 to 7 centimeters. Shutters different control system, there are only three. It can be a band, rukoyatochnoy, as well as motorized.

The production of these blinds is rather complicated, because everything is created for consumers so they can easily open and close the shutters, not making any effort and without making gestures. Some models can even have a remote control, through which you can open multiple windows simultaneously. Wooden shutters, as opposed to defensive, can not defend room. However, they are well suited to almost any room, whether it's home, office or shop. There are only two kinds of blinds, it's vertical and horizontal. For the production of wooden blinds using light wood. All of this suggests that they are the most environmentally friendly. However, they have two very important minus. First – they are too sensitive to sudden temperature changes. The second – their cost is significantly above other species, for example, plastic.

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