The Corporate Mystics

So, as Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman (The Corporate Mystics, 1996), we cited, that good communication starts at home, within oneself (a great truth), and invite us to answer the questions is the communication with yourself clear and direct? we can add, do really you communicate? It is his harmonica, understandable, clear, understandable communication? What prevents it communicate well?. True, the above authors, that school does not teach us to listen to and assess our feelings say. It is the task of life teach us, often in a manner painful to listen to the signals that come from our interior. One of the messages most important in life is: do not lie to yourself. Lying to others can cause you problems, but lying to yourself will make you sick. And quickly. The problem becomes obvious.

The cited authors, tell us when we try to communicate with others and they realize that we are not able to communicate with ourselves. Said clearly, life is painfully complicated from the moment that we lied to ourselves or to others. Integrity, honest, smart leaders always telling the truth, to themselves and to people who have to her around. As Buddha said: unhappiness comes not to confront a reality that we must openly confront. The first step to becoming leader is to stop pretending, especially to ourselves. This reality is sometimes located in the inside, sometimes outside. Sometimes in the past, sometimes in the present.

Simply ask for example, do much communicates with your higher self, with that which dwells in your inner Temple and helpful is for your mission, if you are really attentive of their messages?… Consider that if it makes sure to always tell the truth, you never worry about for others to hear it. When the others don’t listen it is normally because it speaks It is communicating something that is beyond the truth.

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