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Legs buckled LEDs and soldered the power wires to them (the long leg of the LED – plus, the short, respectively – minus). Welded together? Then collect! Backlit center is finished. Typically, light fan consists of four LEDs located on the corners of the fan. I decided to make a backlight consisting of eight LEDs. For this necessary to drill (now take advantage of their knowledge of arithmetic, 8 – 4 = 4) four holes in the middles of the edges of the fan, drill diameter 4.8 mm. In my old fan walls were very thin, and drill and and paste after the LEDs, I did not work.

I had to make sleeves of nylon tube, an inner diameter of 4.8 mm. I have prepared eight sleeves, each measuring 1 cm Trims bushes. After fitting sleeves, glue them (For this purpose I used a glue gun). With the fan, we completed the job, now go to work with lumiere. To do this, take the 8 LEDs, LPT port (the one that connects to the LPT-port on the motherboard), 8 ohm resistors 470 and All welds on the scheme here: Double-check whether you are welded together! Since the LEDs are in the best case would refuse to work, well, at worst you have to walk to the store for a new motherboard. For your convenience, I numbered each LED.

LEDs are putting into place, turn on the computer and see what we came out of it. After turning on the computer I was disappointed by one thing: the center was really very bright. The problem I have decided to simply cut out two circles, one of Whatman paper, and the other of the mirror film. For a start put the circle of the mirror film, and after that, and the circle of Whatman paper, and collected in the impeller fan. Revised, highlighting the center has become softer. We insist in our light-fan. Proceed to the final part of the article, namely to set up and zapuskusvetomuzykalnogo fan. To adjust the light-you must copy the folder vis_leds.dll Fail Plugins, she located in the directory Winamp. After the download UserPort, run and type in the value of 0x378-0x378 in the left text box, copy the file to a folder userport.sys WINDOWSSystem32Drivers, the program click on the button ADD, then Start. Now you can close the program. Start Winamp, press right mouse button, find the visualization -> select plugin -> visualization and LED'sflashing machine, select the mode, press the Start button and look at the light and charmed fans in all its glory. More information in the pictures you find on: Portal with handles


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