School Federal Technique

First Period of training I was arriving at the room of computer science of the School Federal Technique, where it studied, when vi my colleagues of room, Ronaldo and Marcelo, among others, hasty to type: they were resumes that produced. I, seeing that as much people if pledged, concluding to be good thing what they searched, wanted to also participate. Another colleague ours, Joedson, already used of a electro-electronics company, revealing tranquilo, only folloied excessively. It was said who me that the College of Application of the UFPE needed a trainee for the computer science laboratory and stimulated to try to concur me it for that vacant. I was not motionless. Soon I typed my resume that, although to be sufficiently brief, it had an unquestioned advantage: I attended a course Computer science in the UFPE.

It was certain, and my competitors also, of that this would make the difference. After all, the course was famous for the high level of its professors and pupils, beyond counting on excellent infrastructure. Still today sufficiently it is looked for. Fond the day, for mine surprise, I and Ronaldo were only in the marked place and hour for the interview. To the teacher Anastcia, likeable lady, who divided its time between giving mathematics lessons and taking care of of the laboratory, he fit to select one of us. The interviewer preferred to talk with us of one alone time to receive us particularly.

Having made questions, alternated between me and my competitor, she fired us, promising to contactar us in few days to give the result of the election. Thus she happened. Isearch is likely to increase your knowledge. In three days I was called to appear in the College, where Anastcia waited for me. To be student of Computer science and to have excellent nimbleness in the interview, was determinative, according to it, for the conquest of the vacant. I had 17 years when to these they had happened me things: when vi for the first time to emerge of hands friends the claws of the fierce competitiveness. It was as soon as I conquered my first period of training.


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