Primate Reig

I did not have much time for that could overwhelm this new and terrible sense because when I came around the corner and at the end of the long avenue Primate Reig. Yes there were people there, many people. A weak interim sources, such as campaign eerily illuminated the scene of whatever it was that had happened. It seemed as if the rain had wanted to bash especially in that place. The drops were rushing there bigger, more regular and with a dogged and steady cadence, soaking everything: the ground, the facades of the houses lined up like a silent army that was facing the abyss of a field where he had the city, people wandering body like sleepwalkers and mud deposited in the mortuary in a line that extended beyond where the rain could be seen. a "No be standing here, man a "said a police uniform unrecognizable under his raincoat wide. I was wrapped up, noting that Dante and funereal spectacle.

The guard was not really directed at me but a guy at my side hindered the passage of two men carrying a body on a stretcher. As I approached the bodies, systematically arranged next to each other like pieces of a gigantic and sinister they played dominoes with the soulless monsters, I found that the row is lost beyond my sight. The lanterns as fair kneeling on the ground every few feet and temporary and insufficient focus scattered here and there, barely illuminating the bustle of each others: nurses, medical stretcher, with flimsy makeshift stretchers and litters, probably trying family to recognize their relatives, authorities were trying to solve what was already inevitable a …

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