Office Equipment

Method one: buy a device (printer or MFP), the lowest price. ozhno do this in several ways: amy simple – buy the cheapest machine out of all that is in the market, is more complex – one of several more or less suitable choose the one that lower class and, hence, cheaper, and the last, most difficult – to buy a rebuilt unit appropriate class. The initial benefit in all these cases is obvious. However, experts for something come up with terms such as “cost per page” and “cost of ownership of the device.” Cost per page is calculated as the sum of the cost per print of all consumables. Consider a few examples: Cost of print printer cartridge is calculated as the value divided by the life of the tape cartridge itself. ics oftentimes addresses this issue.

For example, for a monochrome laser printer Canon LBP 3310 cartridges cost is about $ 87 *, divided by the cartridge 2500 ** obtain the cost per print – $ 0.03. If your printer is a full-color, cost per print will be the sum of the results of each black and color cartridges. For example, for color laser printer Canon LBP 5050 black cartridge costs is $ 74, * cartridge – 2 300otpechatkov ** the value of one (of three) color cartridge – $ 76 * cartridge – 1 500otpechatkov **. Calculate: 74 / 2300 76 h3/1500. The cost of full-color prints for Canon LBP 5050 is 0.18 $.


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