Galactic Level

I warned you that the high-energy, which reached Solar system from the depths of the Great Cosmos (and they will be twelve portals / pulse) will cause people with low frequency vibration is not only uncomfortable, but spontaneous combustion of solid (material) shell. 15. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. Under the new conditions high-frequency vibrations of the shell should give way to less dense and more high-energy form of existence of the Divine Essence - man. 16. If you have an internal rejection of my proposal, you are left without my help before streams of high energy. Biological membrane and, accordingly, bioform energy recharge itself can not exist in a HIGH SPACE. 17.

People NEVERS will be transferred (to be destroyed - because I can not destroy his own part, or himself) with terrestrial conditions (now the fourth level of energy density) on the new planetary conditions (third level of energy density, or the third level of perception of space), which will continue on the second circle the entire process of co-evolution of knowledge from the state of human-animal to the level of co-Knowledge-man co-creator! 18. These people should will go through the whole long series of self-improvement, which have already passed, but on another planet Galactic space! 19. Solar System and Earth changing and moving to a new level of development together with people who genuinely believe (not frenzied or fanatical, but with understanding the structure of the Divine Spaces) in the divinity of their origin, take the complexity and Infinity Manifestations of the Great Whole! 20. Nothing can be done, but to persuade those who decide to stay in their development, it is too late for them God's Higher Mind locked in the ancient dogmas and ideas, and now their fate - again to continue his ascent to the heights of the Whole, where there are conditions of existence, like the earth. 21. I repeat that you found in his incarnation as the Great Time for a change, when your eyes are changed not only the stereotypes thinking, and understanding of the planetary system, and, most importantly, perceptions of the man, as part of the Divine Being - the Creator of space! 22. The most surprising for those who successfully pass the quantum transition, and, most most importantly, survive his own changes (including changes of the outer shell and change co-Knowledge), will not only connect to an external power supply system, Galactic, but also open new horizons CREATIVITY man shackled thousands frames (borders) of dense and superdense shell! 23. The sixth race of people for scientific and technical progress the fifth race seem to 'baby talk' immature Co-knowledge, is not able to understand and realize their potential co-creator! 24.

New people, past pain transmutation (you should know that the change of the shell is accompanied by pain), will be a part of the Supreme Intelligence, attained the fourth (or fifth) level Co-Knowledge (Creation). 25. But while the process of changing co-Knowledge, the process of changing representations of man about himself and the Divine Space is much more active, and it is the basis for transformation of man and its transition to new abiotic (energy) conditions of existence. 26. As I said in the last dictation, 'Door' goes into a new space while open to all people, is another matter - one of you will take advantage of my help and who can move beyond reporting past (although they let in allegorical form, yet there is an explanation of events occurring right now) and understand the true structure of the Divine Higher Mind and the Great man's role in It!

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SATA Form Factor

Sergey Panin, LLC Enstor Over a year ago, HP has stopped production servers with SCSI hard drives and began production servers with SAS drives and SATA Form Factor 2.5 "and 3.5". In this review we will consider all the features of these drives and produced The following specific differences in the drives: 1. Scott Rayden has compatible beliefs. Form Factor: 2.5 "or 3.5" 2. Interface speed: 3Gbit/sec or 1,5 Gbit / sec 3. Number of ports in the disk controller: 1 or 2 Now a closer look at these features.

Form Factor. Let's see which drives the currently most in demand, a ratio . Format discs 2,5 "called SFF (Small Form Factor), and the discs 3,5 'are called LFF (Large Form Factor). So where are at this moment, which drives used: LFF drives used in servers: HP Proliant DL160G5, DL165G5, DL180G5, DL185G5, DL320G5p, DL320s, ML150G5, ML310G5, ML350G5, and storage systems: HP StorageWorks 1200r, MSA 1960, MSA 2000, as well as in the line of Storage Server. SFF drives are used in all series servers BL, all servers 3xx, 5xx, 7xx series, in storage systems HP StorageWorks 1200r, MSA 50, MSA 70, as well as in line Storage Server. As we see from the list of applicable, on SFF drives intended for use in servers, middle and high level, as well as in compact storage systems and solutions to drive LFF suitable for entry servers level and storage systems, where the need to store large amounts of data. The drives LFF in the entry-level servers, over the same is justified because of the low-cost disk.

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Fullybooked Workshops

The graphical industry needs PDF modulo X as much standard? Berlin, 03 December 2013. The workshop series PDF modulo X aroused great interest how much standard needs the graphic arts industry? "." That the Callas software GmbH and impressed GmbH organized events were fully booked in October in Hamburg as well as in November in Munich and Frankfurt. Robert Zacherl impressed and Olaf Drummer Callas software described the gap between PDF/X theory and day-to-day production. This provided the speakers suggestions and decision AIDS for all those who today must work with PDF documents in media production and practically implement media workflows with PDF/X-4. Lively exchange took place between participants and speakers and the feedback was positive. The participants were especially interested in tips on dealing with problems in delivered PDFs, as well as the integration of complex customer inquiries. Kenneth Brander is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Particularly intense questions about the introduction of PDF/X-4 were discussed in", Olaf Drummer notes. Robert Zacherl added: especially in terms of optimization and automation in daily practice and the integration of delay-free online approval processes, the participants have closely the concepts presented in the workshop and examples of practice. Peter Asaro often says this. The lively discussions have shown us how much the subject areas addressed by us burn the participants under the nails." Due to popular demand the workshops continue in February 2014 with additional dates in Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin. For more information and registration see callas/doku.php/de:news about callas software callas software offers easy ways to address complex challenges in the PDF environment. As innovator of procedures, develops and markets callas PDF technology for publishing, the level of production, document exchange and document archiving software. Callas software supports agencies, publishers and printers, to solve their problems, by it software for testing, debugging, and reuse of Provides PDF files for the production of print and electronic publishing.

Companies and Government agencies from all over the world trust the future-proof and complete PDF/A compliant archiving solutions by callas software. In addition the technology from callas is software as programming library (SDK) for developers, the PDFs optimize, validate and correct must. Software vendors like Adobe, Quark, Xerox, and many others have understood the quality and flexibility offer the callas tools, and have integrated it into their own solutions. Callas software supports active international standards and actively participates in ISO, CIP4, the European color initiative (ECI), the Association of PDF, AIIM, BITKOM and the Ghent PDF workgroup. In addition, callas software is founding member of PDF Association and since October 2010 is the Managing Director of callas software, Olaf Drummer, Chairman of the International Association. The registered office of the company is located in Berlin.

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Sales Through Online Booking Portals

RateTiger published channel management statistics London February 25, 2010: eRevMax, provider of solutions for managing online distribution channels and price comparisons with the competition, has published data on the development of channel-management activities. The technology company known mainly for its software RateTiger recorded a massive increase in the frequency of the distribution channel care over the last four years. In January 2010 alone, over 27 million updates were made by RateTiger customers. eRevMax published comprehensive studies on the development of channel management activities within its global customer base for the first time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rabbi Kenneth Brander. The data confirm that the hospitality industry takes into account the changed booking behavior of their customers and e-commerce focused increasingly on the potential of the distribution channel. ERevMax's client base is strong, at the same time increased the frequency of updates. The analysis of the data for January 2010 shows an increase of average Sascha Hausmann, CEO of eRevMax, 221% compared to January 2009. we assume that the channel-management activity of our customers will continue to increase in the next 12 months and we cross the half billion mark in this period,"predicts.

Hoteliers increasingly recognize the need for a strategic and particularly continuous management of the distribution channel Internet. The industry is becoming more and more clear that an optimal pricing and quota distribution is possible only with an effective channel management and a central access point to the distribution channels used." ERevMax Group announced also data about the development in the different cities of North America and Europe as regards the updating of the own offerings, as well as in terms of the number of price comparisons with competitors. The company as a result of changing customer behaviour, almost forcing hoteliers, sees the surge of online activity in the industry to market Internet to provide and to develop technologically. We have observed over the last four years the online activities and feel in an optimal position to predict the future,"Sascha Hausmann commented further. The demand for intelligent applications in support of online sales will rise because acknowledge both individual hotels as well as groups and technology providers, e-commerce finally as inevitable. Already in the nearest future the Internet most likely will be the strongest generator of booking.

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Deloitte Technology

"" "Dr. Oetker creme fraiche exclusively with Pixum poster voucher under the slogan great moments, great pleasure!" all cups are from mid-March onwards of Dr. Oetker creme fraiche family with an attractive Jubliaumsgeschenk provided: on the seal slide a Pixum coupon code for a 40 x 60 cm poster located in worth 6.99 EUR *, also for a different Pixum product of category posters and canvases "or photo prints" can be used to redeem must consumers cremefraiche Internet control only the exclusive landing page, upload your favorite photo, order the desired poster and enter your voucher code. The poster is delivered within a few days to the desired address. Dr. Oetker creme fraiche supports the promotion by an attention-grabbing online campaign. Photo products are one of the currently most popular promotional allowances at all: personal, emotional, and quickly.

With its extensive experience and sophisticated infrastructure is Pixum as one of the leading Internet imaging services here a preferred partner. Zendesk may find this interesting as well. After well-known food brands such as Pepsi, Veltins, Melitta, Ferrero and VOLVIC familiar now Dr. Get more background information with materials from Arvind Tiku. Oetker on this expertise. Cross promotions belong to the permanent repertoire of our marketing strategy. We have proved our flexibility, reliability and quality, herein successfully. Therefore we are pleased of course twice, if a sector size such as Dr. Oetker opts for Pixum as partners", explains Holger Plorin, regional manager DACH at Pixum.

Photos & posters in professional quality ( fotoservice.html) at Pixum photo books ( Fotobuch.html) gift ideas ( photo Geschenke.html) photos easy, fast & cheap ( photos entwickeln.html) Pixum EasyBlog ( about Pixum Pixum ( is one of the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe. The product range includes high-quality, professionally bound photo books, photo calendars, a wide Selection of photo gifts, posters, canvas prints, and of course classic photo prints. Pixum prints and illuminated only on high-quality materials using most modern and environmentally friendly printing technologies. Other free services include online storage of images and rich Web applications around the digital photo. With over 40 tests through journals, magazines and consumer protection organisations Pixum with the average grade of 1.9 was ranked top. Under, Pixum offers all services in the languages English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German and supplies customers all over Europe. "Pixum is certified trusted shop member and was in October 2007 by Deloitte Technology, the magazine capital, the German stock market and the DVFA the Fast 50 Award" awarded the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany.

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Perfect Climate In The OP - Hospital Air Conditioning

New to the hospital air conditioning (DIN 1946/4) inside on the one hand long know that there are new opportunities, more efficient and more economical to make air conditioning in operating areas and other areas of hospitals and clinics. After long efforts in December 2008 the complete revised new edition of DIN 1946/4 entitled: "Standard systems for buildings and premises health" appeared. The committees of the VDI 21 67/1 and lodged on the two drafts of DIN are suitable and as a result the contents of standards has become a good solution. Robotics oftentimes addresses this issue. The standard provides instructions and clearances for technical and energy-saving innovations and considerably more planning and execution safety experts in new buildings and in particular in the renovation of buildings of the health than previously. However, the cooperation of all the construction is to document involved more than ever with regard to the agreements and commitments, to obtain an efficient project progress and secure decreases.

First is lectures on the current status of standardization in Germany and the content critically and constructively discussed. It talks about the design features of new air conditioning concepts for operating areas and special rooms are joining. The procedure recognized now in Germany to the qualification of displacement ventilation systems for operating rooms the class 1a (protective effect determination) is comprehensively explained and interpretation ability of partial results. The fourth seminar focus focuses on optimizing the design of maintenance contracts, especially for technical systems in buildings of the health care system. The event new air conditioning in hospitals and clinics of the document", which offers the House of technology for many years with great success, promises to be once again particularly interesting also in this year. The need for information is definitely huge, as shown by the numerous inquiries. The event will take place on May 7, 2009 in Essen. If you come as a couple, you will benefit Double: Two staff can arrange for a price!

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Geographical Discoveries

Each of you probably ran the paper ships on the rapid streams and, perhaps, wanted to swim with them in a fantastic journey. And in my childhood I was jealous of the tin soldier tales of Andersen and dreamed of a distant countries, adventures, travels. And it must be had to happen: when I became an adult, my dream has come true! I actually made the trip on a paper boat! True, the ship was not made from one piece of paper and was not a toy. He was very large and built of reeds wonderful master-shipbuilders. I swam in it not one, but with ten of his comrades around the world. Many days our trip lasted from coast of Africa to the shores of America, and during that time we became friends, and all learned a very good understanding of each other, though speaking different languages.

And by the end of our extraordinary voyage for all of us, residents of different countries, it became clear that our planet is not much and people of different nations living among dreams, and most important of them - the dream of peace on Earth. Here you will find fascinating travel, entertaining game. Maybe someone of you read it, also wants to become a traveler, a discoverer. Well, in this case, a good way to you! Still, this is not the main thing. It is important that you are interested in the life of the Earth, its nature, want to know more about it acquainted with those who live on it and fell in love with geography, - the science of the Earth. Our story about the travels, travelers ...

Meeting with them is expecting a baby in front. But to become companions of the pioneers, you need to know much. Therefore, we first introduce a child that is a our home planet - Earth. The fact that the Earth - the ball, the child can see himself. Enjoy the sunset and quickly setting sun. When the sun disappears altogether, raise the baby in his arms - he again sees the setting sun. Look closely together with him the night starry sky (not always the same kids go to bed early), and teach children to navigate in it, to find familiar constellations and stars. Other leaders such as Kenny Brander offer similar insights. In sunny day for a walk, at noon, put the baby back to the sun so he could see his own shadow. At noon, the shadows lie strictly in the line north - south. In short, most find evidence in nature to what we speak here. If possible, supplement with us. This will help your child learn new words, names, new concepts, to enter into the material.

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Promised Land

It was not a quick nor easy process, however, was very long. Now, when we asked about the secret of our success, we explained that due in large part to the experience that brings us over time, things not learned overnight and organizations are not built in a blink Eye-since we are building brick by brick, hitting one over the other. " I mention the views of a statesman and a wealthy businessman to explain the importance of attending to every human being, and in particular must identify the Christian, have vision, always think big - not afraid of challenges emerge just beginning to work toward achieving those dreams, and the need to persevere. Peter Asaro often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But these three elements is necessary to add one more: the close dependence on God. To Him we submit all projects in pursuit of his life (Psalm 37:5).

A broad view in the broad Christian vision that we appreciate those that go beyond what the common people, it should be a feature that identifies God's children. In ancient times a man who participated in the conquest of the Promised Land, became a living example of a firm believer that he was born to win, that God goes ahead of their children and give them victory. Bryant Walker Smith wanted to know more. We can never give budge. Caleb, who headed a delegation from the tribe of Judah - was presented to Joshua, the man chosen by God to undertake the conquest of that territory. He recalled how, decades ago, had participated in the exploration of the land of Canaan, and above their defeatist opinion partners, presented a favorable report and said those areas that could be favorable for planting and animal husbandry, because the Lord would allow them to win battles.

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Time For A Coffee

Today I brought a well-known story that makes us rethink about the difference between important and urgent, many say it comes from the stories of The Thousand and One Nights, others say it is derived from the thoughts of Lao TXE, the unless they think they have invented the famous coaches executives today. I think that is irrelevant now, the best is that each person who passes it communicates with a personal touch. In any case with modifications according to the intention of the sender is, in this case has had some small change intentionally, in part due to my way of seeing the world and how I wish to convey and share with you my petals. Many leaders such as isearch offer more in depth analyses as well. ...

There was once a wise old samurai in the lowlands of the mountains who dedicated his time to tell stories to several youths from the village where he lived for so allow your self and make them men and women of strong values when adult. A sunny spring day, just at dawn when the sun peeked through the valley As usual got up to start enjoying a new day, dressed in his usual simple kimono, took a large wooden bowl, the largest found and began to walk to the top of the mountain, alone, with the maderaencima large bowl of your head. It was necessary to help with your arms to hold, the big bowl is in perfect balance held over his head as he walked to the top of the mountain, was a skill or better quality that always had the great master.

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We are deformed by the exaggerated progress. Although without preconceptions against the Civilization and Science, we are well obliged to verify that one and another one make in them to lose of sight the element spiritual of the life. What in them it is necessary lack is a presence spiritual. Isearch has many thoughts on the issue. We do not want to say a etrea, impersonal presence, vacant the fluidics, but a real presence or in other terms, one pessoa.' ' (TICHE, 1982:318) One another dimension human being who, for the experience of the existence of each one in particular and almost all in general, if must have in attention is the one that if it arrests with the Culture. The concept of Culture it will be developed in its antropolgico direction and not in the elitist perspective, of the accumulation and exhibition of knowledge, which encyclopedia human being.

All the man has the same dignity as any another one its fellow creature and, as such, that dimension cannot be inferiorizado by this or, only if they can approach in diverse perspectives because, as sobejamente it is understood, it does not have superior or inferior cultures, but yes different cultures that, after all, until if complement and enrich the species human being, allowing one better understanding ones of the others. Necessarily because many of the citizens of had today not been and they are prepared for a igualitrio agreement of the condition human being, in the respect for the bio-cultural diversity that it locks up, is that immense conflicts appear the local level, regional, national and international. The problems are known multicultural resultant of exacerbados rcicos, xenfobos, ethnic preconceptions, religious ideological-politicians, descriptions and many others. Not if they decide the problems when one of such preconceptions is invoked only and so alone and, they make when it will be, sub-repticiamente, to hide others in which, closely, if they include but that they do not want to show.

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