New SEO Service RankingPin: More Link Popularity For Search Engine Optimization Seo

In addition to the contents of the site itself, the ranking weight search engines for keywords mainly based on the quality and quantity of links on a page. A reference link is seen as a kind of voice for a website, the more such references link one can take claim for themselves, the better placed the website in search engines. Link Popularity: Links are not the same links? Under the so-called link popularity is the quantity of external links (links defined by third party sites with different IP address) on a website. Link popularity is not to be confused with the Google Pagerank. In contrast to the link popularity of the Pagerank is also a qualitative view of these external links. Ie a few very good links can sometimes be more effective than a large quantity of links. Why link popularity is so important? Regardless of the importance of search engines, every link has to bring on another page, the potential visitors. The link popularity plays in addition to the topics relevant to a web page important role for the ranking in search engines.

Often linked with a themed content sites are called "Authorities seen," as authorities on a topic (Why else would so many webmasters build a link just there?). These Authorities are represented in top positions on Google. The SEO service RankingPin The Austrian company Webconomy internet commerce GmbH is successfully since 2002, search engine optimization for clients at home and abroad. The service provides the Rankingpin recently also the general public. The name of the service is an artificial creation from word "ranking" (the position in search engines) and "KingPin" (English for number one, the title role, the Middle bowling pins). About RankingPin are from EUR 79, – per month approximately 60 additional thematic links created for a Web page from different IPs. These links will remain even after the termination of the services received for clients, extensive statistics, reports, and the included monitoring complete the offer. Using search engine optimization RankingPin is also accessible and affordable for everyone! Info:

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