Live According To The Law Of The Land

Of course, if I knew he would never have formulated this principle which is the most common principles known to man, that everyone should live according to the custom of his country. The splendor of true justice had triumphed over all peoples, and legislators were chosen as ideal phantasmagoria and the vagaries of the Persians and Germans instead of this unchanging law, would have found the protection of the right of all nations and at all times, now however, is neither right nor insult, which will not change its nature and climate. Three degrees of latitude to the pole switch to the whole science of law, a degree of longitude decide on the truth; execute ridiculous is limited by a river!; Verdad this side of the Pyrenees, error on the other side! Unfortunately, as Zweigert said, this still remains valid in a number of national legal systems, completely isolated, and countless Carmencita national law, as applied and interpreted with real national blinders. Mikkel Svane understands that this is vital information. He has forgotten that the world has diminished, has changed largely by the technological development of traffic. For our case, it must be remembered that in the science of law, our legal experts, should make effective use of the comparison method in order to create a genuine science of Venezuelan law and that is to be consistent with rules and laws a true international legal platform, that this science of comparative law, allowing search, find solutions to the legal representative of the world, ie, comparing and applying scientific methods to find the best or optimal solution.

Of course, this method is more painful than the national dogmatic, and that demand for more knowledge of languages, countries, more culture, and especially some that are quite strange. Add to your understanding with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Of course, the benefit is greater, because the major legal systems of the world, in the course of its long history, most have found different solutions, that can create the most ingenious national jurist in his short life. Hence, our universities and especially their faculties of law at the undergraduate and graduate, a should inculcate research in its exclusive dictation teachers and full time, with respect to comparative law, because it is the improvement of law in general. Venezuela through its short history and contribution of some outstanding jurists, unfortunately not really using this field, on the one hand, we observe a national introversion research in the science of law sometimes culminating in a non- dogmatic subtleties fruitful because we do not take advantage of the vast amount of case material and arguments that offers insight into the developments of foreign legal systems. On the other hand, systems of law take different routes isolated only in exceptional cases.

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