Hermetic Philosophy

The contents of the so-called hermetic philosophy goes back to the ancient Egypt. The civilization of the Nile was the source of the ideas and teachings that the Greeks later spread and which is based on our way of thinking and conceiving the world that surrounds us and ourselves. Knowledge levels in outer and inner keys and ideas spread from Egypt. On the first aspect they constituted the origin of Sciences current such as astronomy, mathematics or geometry; in the second, they laid the foundations of the esoteric teachings and the so-called apocryphal sciences as Alchemy which later gave origin to chemistry. This legacy of knowledge was transmitted in a small circle, only the initiated to some degree, i.e., to those who had passed the entrance exams to the mysteries. Steve Wozniak often says this. The content of received education should be maintained in the utmost secrecy, and was so for many centuries. This secrecy comes from the concept of tight, anything whose contents are carefully saved and silenced, is sealed to the uninitiated. THOTH – HERMES as source and transmitter of this teaching in the ancient Egypt concerns the tradition the God Thoth, identified with the Greek Hermes.

Thoth to the Egyptians and the Greeks Hermes was the God psicopompos, i.e. one who led souls through the underworld, the guide of the soul fleshless in those dimensions that are beyond what we perceive physical lifetime and they are not perceptible to the senses of the common man. He not only leads souls in their travel post-mortem, but also the inciados in the inner journey that follows the inner death. He is considered to guide in any change of State, provided that it dies in a plane to be reborn in another to higher States of consciousness. As a reflection of this feature, in ancient Greece was also considered as a guide in the World of the living, in the crossroads existed a statue of Hermes, the Hermeias, indicating traveler the way to follow.

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