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“Study seminar in the Thomas-Morus-Akademie (Bensberg) the reasons, so Andreas Wurbel by the Thomas-Morus-Akademie, are varied: we have it with expectations to do interpretations of hip, test results, and perceptual distortions.” On the 5th and 6th February 2011 (Saturday and Sunday) organized education & talent gGmbH in the Thomas-Morus-Akademie (Bensberg) a study conference with the theme of barriers in the communication among experts expected now with voltage? Why so often misunderstand parents, teachers and students (gifted) himself.”What tools have teachers and parents but also students available, to achieve the goal of establishing a functioning communication? This is only an issue that will be addressed in the study Conference. Professor Dr. Ernst Hany, (Professor of pedagogic psychological Diagnostics and differential psychology, Department of psychology, University of Erfurt) opened the series in the study conference with the theme of understanding, twisting, hiding (Communicate and manipulate talent issues). Whenever tech gifts listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to experts such as Dipl. psychologist Dr. Helmut Quitmann (founding Director of the outpatient clinic special talent), Maria fire stone (educational scientist and head of the Department of consulting concept”of the German Association for the gifted kind) will also Ursula Hellert – overall head of the CJD Braunschweig and officer for issues of giftedness and school development – the Conference enrich. Isearch may help you with your research. Ursula Hellert is one of the first educators, which has developed more than 20 years ago to support gifted children and young people programs have been proven until now nationwide in daily use. Hamid will present among other 10 theses for a successful communication between talented, their parents and teachers.. .

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