POS-marketing in the digital age lives despite online shops by the integration of digital elements and flexible system solutions and constant availability of all goods in the net the targeted sales promotion at the POS of still popular enjoys. However, the measures by the digital age can be effectively link with digital content. The development of Facebookmarketing and co. enables the classic sales marketing at the point of sale with many new impulses. The direct sales promotion at the point of sale offers good opportunities to reach and awareness and at the same time effectively to target the right audience. No matter whether major sporting event or other actions, with accompanying POS measures can be achieved direct increases in revenues.

According to studies, almost 70% of all decisions at the point of sale should be made. The importance of targeted pulses through the sales promotion can be therefore crucial. To achieve a positive effect, there are however more than just the use of a simple yielding. Self the use of traditional promotion measures such as tasting must be connected with other interactive elements. In addition to the use of flexible promotion solutions that adapt quickly and easily, the trend is towards digital items.

The participatory effect we thereby enormously increased, and in addition to the confirmation of the purchase decision the customer receives a reward. By the ever greater sensory overload that point-of-sale does not stop even before the point, the measures must be very clear and simple. It’s the same with the deployed systems and advertising materials. They must convince by their design, but also always again flexibly adjusted. Through the use of fragrances or lighting effects, it will be increasingly difficult to draw attention specifically to the own brand. Therefore, it is important to reward the attention. Already, through the rise of iPhone and co., these mobile devices have become a constant companion. Therefore need to digital elements, as well as interactive content to the concept of the POS marketing must be included. With the possibility of their own initiative to retrieve content on a screen and then load an E-coupon to your Smartphone means not only the memory effect of the brand, but also a sustainable customer loyalty. The invitation to try out have pronounced it no longer exclusively about promoter, but initiated directly by the customer. In the current issue of zentrada see the full article on the promotion of sales through POS marketing. As a production agency with years of experience, LA CONCEPT offers not only individual solution concepts, but also the appropriate advertising materials and systems for a sustainable and digital performance. For more information, see.

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