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Highlights can create a visual volume and become lighter just the most gentle to your hair way. Enjoy fashion trends this season: Highlights “Sunny’s Kiss” – a natural effect of burned-out locks in the parietal area. Highlighting “Solar flare” – giving an additional glow dull hair. Highlighting “Honeycomb” – highlighting areas around the face without the effect of “regrown roots” and the creation of color tone in tone for a more natural result. Bold coloring, eye-catching and inviting for a bright locks – it’s coloring. In harmony with the color of your skin and eyes, and maybe, just a requirement of your soul, the short, medium, long hair is fun and beautiful. Coloring, as well as highlights, is the gentle way of a magical change of appearance because the staining is exposed only part of the hair. And do not forget to request from your masters to take care of your new hair to be pohititelnitsey attention as long as possible.

Coloring, as well as highlighting, is very beneficial procedure that does not need to repeat every month, of course, if you do not have seven Fridays in the week. This design color an art with a scientific approach. With it you can adjust the face to achieve the necessary and desired amount, or vice versa, stop a mysterious shadow. And most importantly – the picture will be created just for you, will be emphasize your individuality, uniqueness and charm! So, your desire to dye my hair an informed and balanced. The first and most important question that must be solved – what color to paint? There are some coloristic rules to follow when choosing a hair color.

And these rules are dictated by the type and color of your skin, the color of your eyes, and even your facial features. We encourage you to paint your hair only reputable salons have qualified professionals, using only high quality paints. How to dye their hair a master? Professionals in their work use different techniques of painting hair, which aim to ensure that as a result of your hair perfectly evenly prokrasheny and look natural. Care for colored hair care for colored hair is not as important as the choice of color or very staining. Naturally, in your best interest to keep as long as possible hair color. Our experts recommend professional care for colored hair. Professional shampoos, conditioners and masks are mildly on the scalp, gently caring for the hair and help keep the color of your choice. The efficiency of their use is so high that allows you to see the result after the first application. At the same time professional shampoos and conditioners can be used on a daily basis. There are professional cosmetics for color-treated hair, bleached hair for, to create hair volume in thin hair, dry and fatty hair, for a mixed-type hair (greasy and dry at the root to the tip), and dandruff. Spend some time and money – your hair will thank you for professional care. Beauty Salon “Beauty Shop” wishes you to the result hair coloring expectations, and the color of your hair to fit your personality! Be beautiful and stylish!

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