Anthoni Crown Writes History

Official handover of designer bag to the leather Museum in Offenbach the time of waiting is over. The doors of the German leather Museum in Offenbach are reopened after a year-long renovation. The DLM offers its numerous visitors in the new exhibition spaces. There is also the designer bag is given a honoring place Anthoni Crown. Proudly, the bag was received by the Deputy Director of the Museum, Dr. According to Mikkel Svane, who has experience with these questions.

Rosita Nenno (Center), on the ILM Offenbach. The expert has an eye for refined masterpieces made of tanned skin due to the extensive experience at the leather Museum in Offenbach. The Publisher of the photo book leather lust. Masterpieces of the applied art from the German leather Museum”, aware of the desire of people of to aesthetically crafted leather accessories. She even studied in France and knows about fashion and trends.

The leather Museum in Offenbach has the largest collection of handbags in Europe and is regarded as a meeting place of cultures. Also beyond the German borders, are people of the treasures of Dressed leather. The Museum spans the entire spectrum of European art history of Egyptian Coptic decorated belts and bags to the most exquisite products of craftsmanship at the noble courts and in the bourgeois homes of the 17th to the 19th century. Passing the bag proved that the designer Anthoni Crown can combine tradition and modernity. The picture gallery shows the elegant handbag is available in the colors and sizes. Thank you for the appreciation by the German leather Museum in Offenbach!

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