Alexander Kaymer

It is easy to start a business in Hong Kong and we must not travel a lot, because anyone who operates an international business, has come to Hong Kong. 20 Years ago to attack deep in the Pocket, to fly from one place to another, but the world is networked and as the gateway to China, Hong Kong is now much easier to achieve.” DCosta, who founded his IT company with 23 years in Hong Kong, speaks from experience. His company’s portfolio to more sectors has grown since its inception. His Hong Kong holding Vabella includes eight companies, including a trading house and a company that manufactures and distributes. He is also busy, young Germans, including trainees from his former Alma Mater, the WHU Otto Beisheim School of management, the site of Hong Kong to make tasty. The feedback is mostly positive,”says DCosta.

Alexander Kaymer began his entrepreneurial career in Hong Kong in 2006. Grown up in Dortmund, he completed his law studies in Frankfurt and Australia and started in a Hong Kong consultancy. 2010, he belonged to the founders of the consultancy Kayro solutions and took up a position for DONNA cooperation Ltd.. The OEM company specializes in the production of high-quality cookware and manufactures among other three brands for the German company Josef Schulte shore KG. Alexander Kaymer is convinced that the international customer base is very important for the success of an OEM company. The location of Hong Kong have significant to the success of the company: the products are manufactured in our factories in Guangdong and Ningbo. Our customers, including those from Europe and the United States, feature Hong Kong offices.

We offer you various services on-site or organize meetings, depending on the request. The other advantages of Hong Kong’s are an excellent infrastructure for companies, the linguistic benefits, and the simple and transparent tax system in comparison with the Mainland.” Wolfgang Ehmann completed, that some German companies start their business directly on the Mainland, then to realize what advantages Hong Kong offers. I personally recommend smaller businesses to give preference to Hong Kong. Of course it’s always, what to plant, but the city makes it easy foreigners to adapt.” Different cultural habits are surmountable. So is the so-called German directness”sometimes incompatible with the local habits. In Hong Kong and China, it may take much longer until a decision is made. German but expect faster action. They seem sometimes to direct and demanding. On the other hand, there are now many locals who appreciate exactly this kind. “Now I must me through my long time in Hong Kong, even to make when I communicate with Europeans,” DCosta explained. Also the German need stands for precision. To do so, Alexander Kaymer explains the Germans are very detail-oriented. In our factories we make 30,000 Here and sometimes it is difficult to explain that the quality of a pot from the first must meet same, high quality standard up to the very last, the workers pots. Such things can be but solved by a corresponding quality assurance.” KAYMER believes that the city could do more to promote their advantages internationally. Many people know not all the advantages offered by Hong Kong. Many German companies still believe they should after mainland China, to be able to do business there.

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