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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Ended the season of entrance examinations to universities, students scurry through the corridors of institutions with wide-eyed. Do the potential graduates of schools of schools facing new challenges. This year, the so-called results of ct were serious stumbling block. Already much has been said about the pros and cons of the use. But now manifest, and methodological problems, as well as the issue of corruption: many have argued that with the introduction of ct so sad theme will disappear – However, these expectations were not fulfilled. Unfortunately, the system will lead to the ct that reduces everything to the test procedure and primitivization knowledge. The so-called coaching in the tests certainly dulls the creative possibilities absolutely any individual. Since Russian is a basic discipline for many universities, preparation for the cse on the Russian language is one of the main challenges for the future of the student.

There is a statistic that even Excellent operates correctly ege on the Russian language only 80%. The main reason is that a school program ends with the Russian language studied for two years before final exams. All rules and regulations thoroughly forgotten, the widening gap between the knowledge of the rules and the ability to apply them in the exam. Another very important point. Associative memory of the child works and is logical in terms of cognitive function tests also are being built entirely otherwise. The test is usually made in such a way that the child did not memorize the basic stuff, and small details, sometimes not related to the subject. Such computerization of a child's brain is harmful to the child – he or exhaustion, not understand the meaning of his work, does not see the point. So Moscow ege on the Russian language has shown: "Only 17.5% of the graduates managed to" excellent "and 6% received a failing grade." All-Russian results on delivery of ege Russian language less reassuring. Therefore, the preparation for the cse on the Russian language should not pass on their own, but under the guidance of experienced teachers, and preferably in the preparatory courses of those universities in which planned admission.